Wherein I Explain the Site’s Purpose

Welcome to Crazy Christian Chain Emails, a site dedicated to, well, see the name.  I’ve devised a kind of scoring system, in which points are given for different common rhetorical and stylistic cliches in these emails; I’ll explain that in a future post.  I’ll set up an email address for reader submissions, and we’ll all have a good time.  I also welcome myspace bulletins that your “friends” post. 

Should I introduce myself?  Okay, my name is Stella; I’m an atheist, and I live in Kansas.  Since I’m in the Bible Belt, most of my friends and acquaintances are Christian.  This usually doesn’t affect my life too much, unless I’m on these people’s email contact lists.  Then I have to put up with “True stories of angels” emails.  I’m tired of it, and rather than ask my friends not to send me any more of that garbage, I’ll put the messages up on the internet for other people to laugh at.  I’m passive-aggressive that way.

Scoring system, address for contributions, and some CCCEs coming shortly.


6 Responses to Wherein I Explain the Site’s Purpose

  1. Truth Lover says:

    Dear all…
    I do not like to be crazy religious fanatic, that’s why I am not into that stuff they send eventhough I believe in God. if you please allow me to share 2 simple ideas. To me, being fair, I would say Science and Logic really do not say a firm word on God like YES or NO. Then why I still believe in God? Simply because if there is God and He will reward and judge all then He will reward me for being good or leading a good life, if there is no God, I am no loser, death is our portion any way. no big loss!!! Another reason, I hope for God because if there is no God, there is no Judgment day, then the worst terrorists who enjoy killing innocent people will be equal to my 8 years old little friend Mary who died in Los Angeles children’s Hospital of Chronic Leukemia. Because this is not fair I still hope for a God to execute Justice. If there no one then No big deal give yourself 50 years and we all will be in graves including me, you, Osama Bin Laden and Little Mary!!!

  2. I started to respond in comments, but it would have been long, so here’s my full response.

  3. Neil Nolte says:

    There are crazy people in all areas of life. There are stupid Christians and stupid atheists. Maybe in your next website you can take on the intelligent Christians.

  4. oneofdmany says:

    I don’t like being a religious fanatic nor can I stand it, but i find Atheist Fanaticism absolutely repulsive…..in all forms

  5. Deb says:

    Im just curious why you dont believe in God? Why would you make a website to laugh at others beliefs instead of being a grown up and just asking them not to include you in the emails.

  6. Deb- Short Answer: What’s the fun in acting like an adult?
    Long Answer: I find religious belief to be a lot more childish than poking (fairly gentle, I think) fun at it. I mean, invisible sky daddy provides for us if we’re good, and he’ll punish us if we’re bad? That’s pretty childish, I think. I’m quite happy with my belief system, where I’m responsible for my successes and accountable for my failures, where I have to be the judge of what’s right and wrong and I can’t just rely on a book to tell me. I’d say that’s probably a more adult way of conducting oneself.

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