This one comes from myspace. I seem to have four categories on my friends list: Musicians with official pages, celebrity fakes/fictional characters, people I know from elsewhere on the internet, and people I know in real life. And it’s always the people I know for real who post this stuff. One of my cousins posted this, and I’m totally expecting some of our mutual contacts to repost.

Subject I love you and im sorry
Body: Body: SAY THIS SLOWLY: God. I. love. you. and. I. need. you. Repost this within 5 minutes and title it: I love u and im sorry.A miracle will happen tonight. P.S. Do not ignore *God works in mysterious ways

So short, yet so much wrongness going on. Even if there were gods, would they really be so impressed that a person said eight words aloud and took fifteen seconds to repost something on myspace that they’d throw a miracle the way of everyone who did it? Somehow I doubt it.

Scoring- Points awarded for:

Severe and frequent grammar/spelling/punctuation errors
bonus points for the asterisk that randomly appears at the beginning of the last clause, seemingly for emphasis, but without another one at the end of the not-a-sentence-because-there’s-no-punctuation clause. Close your tags!

Vague threats
This message will not be ignored!

Promising a miracle if the message is forwarded/reposted
It’s a little sneaky, though. It just says a miracle will happen, it doesn’t promise a
miracle in the life of the poster. I’m sure somebody, somewhere tonight will have something wonderful and explainable happen to them that their religion-addled mind will call a miracle.

Most of the stuff I have in my regular email’s inbox isn’t too bad. What do I have to do to get on some crazy-ass people’s forward lists?


One Response to CCCE 3

  1. Matt says:

    Great site! I definantly sympathize and agree. Sent you a few of my favorite CCEs. Good luck!

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