CCCE: The (Unfathomably Horrible) Little Things

I got this from a friend. It gave me one of those “What the fuck is wrong with you, religious people?” moments. Just read.

The L I T T L E T hings . Whatever the hell this is


As you might know, the head of a company survived
9/11 because his son started kindergarten.

Another fellow was alive because it was
his turn to bring donuts.

One woman was late because her
alarm clock didn’t go off in time.

One was late because of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike
because of an auto accident.

One of them
missed his bus.

One spilled food on her clothes and had to take
time to change.

car wouldn’t start.

One went back to
answer the telephone .

One had a
child that dawdled
and didn’t get ready as soon as he should have.

One couldn’t
get a taxi.

The one that struck me was the man

who put on a new pair of shoes that morning,

took the various means to get to work

but before he got there, he developed

a blister on his foot.

He stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid.
That is why he is alive today.

Number 3

Now when I am
stuck in traffic ,
miss an elevator,
turn back to answer a ringing telephone …
all the little things that annoy me.
I think to myself,
this is exactly where

God wants me to be
at this very moment..

Numero Quatre

Next time your morning seems to be

going wrong ,

the children are slow getting dressed,
you can’t seem to find the car keys,
you hit every traffic light,
don’t get mad or frustrated;
God is at work watching over you.

Number Five Is Alive!

May God continue to bless you
with all those annoying little things
and may you remember their possible purpose.

Stop with the friggin butterflies already!

Pass this on to someone else, if you’d like.
There is NO LUCK attached.
If you delete this, it’s okay:

God’s Love Is Not Dependent On
E-Mail !!
C’est un papillon (that’s the cool part)

Ceci n’est pas un papillon


No butterfly!

Sometimes we need to thank God for unanswered prayers.

Setting aside the graphics and the colors (it took me an hour to get all that color code in there. My brain hurts now.), the message of this is disturbing. Taken at face value “These people are alive because they were exactly where God wanted them to be” isn’t terribly offensive, I suppose. What is offensive is the implication it carries: that the people who died on 9/11 did so because they were exactly where God wanted them to be, too. Hear that, victims’ families? It was their time! Those people who jumped out of the building? That was exactly where God wanted them to be! It was their destiny to die on impact in the plane, be burned to death, fall or jump from the 100th story of a building, or be buried alive in rubble. And that kind of thinking, my friends, is disgusting.

I understand the questions that would go through a survivor’s head. “Why am I alive, when most of the people I worked with and saw during the day aren’t?” But the answer isn’t “I’m special; God was looking out for me that day,” because that suggests that everybody who died wasn’t special. You know, atheists are often called selfish and arrogant, but we’re not the ones going around believing and telling people that we’re so special that there are deities and forces constantly intervening in our everyday lives and conspiring to keep us out of harm’s way. I don’t know; this is something that upsets me about religion in general, and I could rant and rave about it for hours, but it wouldn’t be funny, and I try to keep things light around here. The only positive thing about this email is that it says “pass it along if you want, there’s no luck involved.” That was nice. Let’s score:

Points for:
-Multiple Colors
-Multiple Font Sizes

There were lines that were a different font, but I was already about to go crazy with the colors, so you don’t get those. Sorry. And I think the email itself was in Comic Sans, but I won’t subject you to that.
Me and God Are Like This!
Somebody finally put that video up on Youtube!


17 Responses to CCCE: The (Unfathomably Horrible) Little Things

  1. DottieMyPrecious says:

    Wow, just love your site, which I found today. I wish I had know about this site a couple of years ago, when I used to get insane xtian crap in my email all the time. I managed to get people to stop sending that stuff, but now I kinda wish I had those emails to send to you! Well I’m sure you get enough on your own.

  2. maryt says:

    On 9/11 my husband stopped to make me coffee because I had broken my foot the day before in a fall. He arrived at the WTC 10 minutes late as a result and the cops were already keeping people from entering the building. He worked on the 44th floor. I didn’t hear from him til 1 o’clock in the afternoon (cell phones were down, land lines had long lines of people waiting to make a call, he walked uptown and over the 59th st. bridge and caught a bus running along Northern Blvd. in Queens).

    When I heard from him I started to cry – he was alive!

    Not once through that whole day did I think “He’s just where God wants him to be.” All I thought about was having him home ASAP.

  3. “Sometimes we need to thank God for unanswered prayers.”

    Thank God for answered prayers, thank God for unanswered prayers… Another way to say “God works in mysterious ways”.

    So then why call him god?

  4. Lepht says:

    yes, if your ma dies of cancer, that is EXACTLY WHAT GOD WANTS.

    man, the christian god is a jerk… =]


  5. Stephen says:

    You’ve been tagged! Check my blog for details. :-D I just received a wonderful CCCE from a family member that I will be passing on the next time I login.

  6. Jerseygirl89 says:

    I used to have a friend that sent me crap like this.

    I then put her on my spam list.

    We don’t talk anymore.

  7. Dean says:

    I saw the comments and believe you might consider this. God did not have people
    where He wanted them jumping out windows and such. He warned everyone in one way
    or another. If your not tuned in or ignore the warning however it comes situations happen.
    I have had multiples of times where a bad accident could have happened but listened to the still voice of God and acted on it and was saved injury many times. You cannot
    blame God when you don’t listen. Those that knew our Lord are in an incredible place doing wondrous things. I would never wish them back here when they are in the most peaceful, busy and exciting place with a loving Heavenly Father that one could imagine.
    2. you might clean up the language simply for young viewers.
    thank you

    • Lola says:

      That’s like telling small children it’s their fault that they have cancer- because they didn’t listen to God when he told them not to be born.

  8. So if people ignore their warnings from God, they deserve to die horrible deaths? That’s what you’re saying, and that’s pretty shitty. Your god sounds like a Mafia boss, “Accidents happen.” What about dead babies? Are they warned? People who develop debilitating genetic diseases?

    2. It seems that the only people concerned about children being exposed to “bad words” are people who don’t remember being children. Kids love cuss words. Not to get all anecdotal here, but I remember being about five and hanging out with my cousin Justin, who at the time was six and who had the worst pottymouth of anybody I knew- I think he swears less now than he did then- and making a cassette recording of myself singing the alphabet, and instead of the “Now I know my ABCs” thing at the end, I recited every swear I knew. The Children aren’t as innocent on that front as some adults seem to think. In other words, no, I won’t be cleaning up my language on my blog anytime soon.

  9. Tim says:

    The ultimate question is whether any of this shit is true? Ooops! Should I apologize for my language too? There is an author from Louisiana, Mary Lynn Plaisance, who is claiming this as her “short story” which means that it is FICTION. So why the hell is this being plastered all over the internet as though it is truth?

  10. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  11. Gwen says:

    (The comment directly above mine is spam.)

    The other part that the people who forward these e-mails obviously don’t consider: what about the people who have had their lives “intervened with” in a way that put them in harm’s way? You know, like Joe Deliveryman, who was only in the WTC because he had to deliver a package and so died. (Thanks, God.) Or the person who gets hit by a drunk driver because she was running a bit later than she expected; otherwise no one would have been hit at all. All those little annoyances that happen because God wants you to die? Yeah, um…God works in mysterious ways.

    And what I find mysterious is how these people want to have it both ways. Look, if you’re going to worship this Biblical tyrant because he’s got a lot of power, no moral pretenses necessary, whether he protects you from terrorists or not ought to be immaterial. Shouldn’t you try to one-up Job, suffer through anything and still praise your god for leaving you alive and sane or whatever? Not just praise God any time things work out the way you wanted, and then pray for things to work out the way you want them to, and then excuse and ignore anything you don’t like. Is God some kind of puppy, you’re trying to use positive reinforcement as behavior modification?

    I’m an atheist, because of logic and reason and lack of evidence and suchlike, so it’s kinda sad when I could easily out-Christian the Christians. I guess that’s what I get for having read the Old Testament outside of church sermons, huh?

  12. Wow... says:

    This proves to me how stupid you really are. Not the email. Not God. You. The person who just wrote this.

    Everyone has a time to die and if you don’t want to accept that, who do you think you are? Do you think that you’re not going to die someday? Let me tell you this: if you are a living and breathing human being, you will die. Death is a part of life. Those people died in 9-11 because it was their time to die. You’re taking pointless, useless crap that no one cares about anyways (the emails, in case you aren’t clear on that) and making yourself look like a douchebag by turning a simple thing into a huge, raging deal.


    Thank GOD for the freedom of fucking speech.

    BTW, are you being ungrateful for our troops? THE TROOPS WHO DIED FOR OUR FREEDOM? What have you died for? Oh, but I forgot. You don’t think people should die. You sit here and make stupid comments about stupid shit.

    Y’know, if those Saw movies were real, you’d be one of Jigsaw’s victims for sure.

    • NavyMom says:

      You’re a dumbass. The writer isn’t saying that they’re immortal- the point is that the creator of the spam email is stating that for whatever little inconveniences the “survivors” endured that day- was God’s interventions. So- those that died that day- essentially that God didn’t care about them. The email is stupid & biased.

  13. wow yourself "Wow" says:

    Response to “Wow..”




    Although I thought i’d see a disjointed, ramble of a backlash like that higher in the comments but you gotta hand it to them to add in the Troops as well! I thought he was going to brand you a Puppie killer or something but i’m glad restraint was used, albeit a little late! =)

    Keep up the good work Writer! You’ve just enough humour + anger to make a great read!

  14. Karen says:

    God loves you. Until you know that, nothing else matters. A website dedicated to the hatred of your Creator takes a lot of thought, time, and energy. And yet, He still loves you more than your mind can even imagine<3

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